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MLB Trade Ideas: Twelve 2012 Free Agents Who Will Be Moved

Posted by Strobl on May 2, 2011

Papelbon is one of a dozen free agents-to-be who will likely get traded (Dunn/ Getty)

Weekly MLB feature assignment- focusing on players who will be free agents in 20102 and who are likely to be traded rather than re-signed…

As April ends, the 2011 season moves a month closer to the trading deadline. Clubs who are carrying free agents-to-be have to start thinking about how to make the best use of those players before their tenures end, and for many teams that will mean making deals.

Small-market franchises and teams with high-priced expiring contracts are going to particularly motivated to shop their outgoing names for some return value before the off-season hits. As always, the questions of where these players will go and what their futures will be like remain tough to answer.

What’s easier to assess is the handful of names that are especially likely to be moved. It’s time to run through a dozen players who will probably be wearing different uniforms by August.

(There’s also a bonus slide for your enjoyment…)

See the full slideshow at the Bleacher Report by clicking here.


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