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Don’t mess with the playoffs!

Posted by Strobl on April 28, 2011

MLB has the toughest playoff format in major sports, and now Bud Selig wants to soften it by adding more teams.  I say it’s an obvious money-grab.  With such a long season, it’s unwise to add more games.  Plus having that long season means that getting to the playoffs actually means something; it’s a difficult achievement.  I’m against making it easier.



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Atlanta Braves: Roger McDowell Proves Bigotry Alive and Well

Posted by Strobl on April 28, 2011

Atlanta's McDowell is sure to face reprisals for his outburst (Ehrmann/ Getty)

In case you missed it, Atlanta Braves’ pitching coach Roger McDowell insulted and threatened San Francisco Giants fans at a game back on April 23rd.  I would say “allegedly”, but McDowell has since apologized, which puts to bed the notion that he might have been falsely accused.  And frankly (as my buddy John put it) you can’t make this stuff up.

Some reported highlights of McDowell’s hate-filled shenanigans:

“Are you guys a homo couple or a threesome?” 

“Are you three giving it to each other up the ass?”

“How much are your teeth worth?”

and my personal favorite, “Kids don’t f—ing belong at a baseball park.” 

Classy.  During the exchange, McDowell brandished a bat and used it to threaten spectators.  He also used it to simulate a sex act, manifesting his words in a spectacularly distasteful display of stupidity. Read the rest of this entry »

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All the Bases

Posted by Strobl on April 26, 2011

Coming soon.

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