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Dustin Pedroia isn’t playing like Dustin Pedroia

Posted by Strobl on May 25, 2011

I’m not panicking.  Yet.  But Pedroia is killing me this year, both as a Red Sox fan and as a roto team manager.  Fantasy baseball may not matter in the long run, but real life baseball sure does…he needs to turn it around.  This April and May are shaping up to be perhaps the worst consecutive months of his career.

Pedroia has a history of following a slump with an offensive outburst, and we haven’t seen that yet this year.  If not for the first two weeks of the season, his slash line would be even worse…a bit ironic considering that those two weeks were horrific for the team as a whole.

Read all about it, as they say, at


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Dice-K out two months, Sox fans secretly happy

Posted by Strobl on May 19, 2011

Ok, maybe not happy.  But relieved.  This guy was such a fire hazard.  I’d much rather go with other options, even if they’re unproven.  Look for Alfredo Aceves and Felix Doubront to fill the void left by by Matsuzaka and John Lackey.  Lackey is also on the D.L. with an elbow problem, and even when he returns, will be a risk to stink it up.

Read about Dice-K and Boston’s options at

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Red Sox Weekly Review: Bronx Sweep

Posted by Strobl on May 16, 2011

Short and sweet- My wife and I had a baby last week and I’m tired, so I’ll skip my usual witty repartee.  Check out the latest Red Sox weekly review here on

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Jose Iglesias Scores his First MLB Run…

Posted by Strobl on May 10, 2011

Iglesias' first MLB run (Townson/ AP)

It’s the eleventh inning, and Joe West is still a jackass.

Ok, so that has little to do with anything, but this guy needs to go.  He’s a blight on the game.  In the recent Twins-Sox series, both Ron Gardenhire and Terry Francona were ejected.  I know we all like to complain about the ump, but Joe West is a joke.  And a lousy official to boot.

Back to the point.  Carl Crawford is hitting .361 in May and had his second walkoff hit of the year on Monday.  He scored Jose Iglesias from first- it was the 21 year old’s first major league run.  This is big news.

You should read about it in this entertaining article.

Read the post at

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Is it panic time? Adrian Gonzalez isn’t hitting homers…

Posted by Strobl on May 6, 2011

The Red Sox brought Adrian Gonzalez over from San Diego because he can hit.  Because he has power.  But with only two homers through nearly 20% of the 2011 season, Gonzo hasn’t delivered on the long ball.  Should we panic?  You’ll have to read this to find out.

Read the story on

(I’ll give you a hint:  No.  but be a pal, and read it anyway.)

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On Carl Crawford

Posted by Strobl on May 4, 2011

Meric/ Getty images

So the Red Sox have a phenomenal talent in Carl Crawford.  We all get that.  Slow start or no, this guy is a stud.  He’s got speed, swings a solid bat, and is a major defensive upgrade (remember Manny in left?  Please.)

But the fact is, Boston doesn’t have a natural place for him in the batting order.  Where can the team hit this guy that makes sense?  Take a look at this post and see if you agree…

Read the story on

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Red Sox Monthly Review: An April to Forget

Posted by Strobl on May 2, 2011

Red Sox 2011

It is my sad duty to inform you that the Boston Red Sox have not yet turned things around.  The hot streak of a couple opf weeks ago gave way to four more losses in six games last week.  The lineup that was supposed to be so prolific has not yet gotten in gear.  Take a look at my thoughts on this awful April.

Read the Red Sox Monthly Review on

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MLB Trade Ideas: Twelve 2012 Free Agents Who Will Be Moved

Posted by Strobl on May 2, 2011

Papelbon is one of a dozen free agents-to-be who will likely get traded (Dunn/ Getty)

Weekly MLB feature assignment- focusing on players who will be free agents in 20102 and who are likely to be traded rather than re-signed…

As April ends, the 2011 season moves a month closer to the trading deadline. Clubs who are carrying free agents-to-be have to start thinking about how to make the best use of those players before their tenures end, and for many teams that will mean making deals.

Small-market franchises and teams with high-priced expiring contracts are going to particularly motivated to shop their outgoing names for some return value before the off-season hits. As always, the questions of where these players will go and what their futures will be like remain tough to answer.

What’s easier to assess is the handful of names that are especially likely to be moved. It’s time to run through a dozen players who will probably be wearing different uniforms by August.

(There’s also a bonus slide for your enjoyment…)

See the full slideshow at the Bleacher Report by clicking here.

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Red Sox Waste Opportunity, Drop Two at Camden

Posted by Strobl on April 29, 2011

Lester saved the series from being a total disaster (Carr/ Getty)

So the Red Sox salvaged the series at Camden Yards, but one win is hardly what I had in mind. Here’s the evaluation of the recent series.

I’m surprised that we’re still waiting on this offense.  Getting back to .500 for the month of April will probably help to wipe away memories of the ugly start, but really…a .500 April?  From this team?

At least Ellsbury is hitting the ball on the screws.  I’m not sure why he’s my favorite player in baseball, but I’m ready for him to get back to leadoff success.

Dice-K today makes me nervous, and we get King Felix on Sunday…I’m still calling for a sweep.  It has to be.

Read the full story on

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Derek Lowe Gets a DUI: Major League Stupidity

Posted by Strobl on April 29, 2011

Another public gaffe for an Atlanta Brave

This spring, Tigers first baseman Miggy Cabrera earned a DUI and got belligerent with officers at the scene.  A few weeks ago, Cincinnati’s Mike Leake shoplifted $60 worth of T-shirts from a local Macy’s.  Now Atlanta’s Derek Lowe is the one making headlines.

The 37 year old sinkerball pitcher was pulled over around 10pm Thursday night in Atlanta.  According to, “after Lowe was stopped, the trooper ‘detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage’ and gave him a field sobriety test. Lowe then refused to take a state-administered alcohol test and was also charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.”  

Lowe was released this morning on a bail amount just under $3,000.

When “regular” people get DUIs, it’s bad enough.  When these athletes get caught, it’s even more reprehensible.  Lowe couldn’t afford a taxi or a private driver?  He couldn’t find anyone to drive him home?  He’s Derek Lowe!  I know these guys bristle at being called role models and I’m not going to argue that they need to be paragons of virtue 24/7, but come on.  This is a pointless and idiotic offense.

It would be nice to see Major League Baseball actually do something about these slip-ups.  Perhaps a short suspension?  One start for pitchers, two games for position players?  A fine?  Both?

Meanwhile, after the Roger McDowell thing, the Braves’ P.R. staff must be shaking their heads…

also appears on

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