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The 20 Worst Blown Saves in MLB History

Posted by Rich Stowe on June 14, 2011

ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 05: Closer Mariano Rivera #42 of the New York Yankees pitches the ninth inning on his way to picking up a save against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on June 5, 2011 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. The Yankees won 5-3. (PStephen Dunn/Getty Images

A closer’s only job is to enter the game, normally in the ninth inning, get three outs and leave with his team winning the game and him getting a save. The best closers in history do this more often than not.

However, every closer has a game where he just can’t seem to get outs and the score ends up being tied or even worse, what seemed like a win became a loss. This results in the blown save.

A blown save is never a good thing. It may end up costing the team the win. However, some blown saves are worse than others. Mainly, how "bad" a blown save is all depends on the timing.

Did it happen in a key game like a rivalry game or in the heat of the playoff hunt? Did it happen in the playoffs?

That’s my goal for today. Figure out the worst blown saves then rank them with the worst blown save of all-time being ranked number one.

The more important the game or the moment, the better the ranking. A blown save in the World Series is worse than a blown save in an early game of a Division Series for example. Also, if the blown save resulted in losing the Series, whether it was Division, League Championship or World, that was worse than losing a Game One for example.

Please feel free to comment about the order I have them ranked in or if I missed any. If I did miss any, please tell me where you would put it in my order.

Click here to see which 20 blown saves made the list on Bleacher Report


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