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5 Reasons to Root for the New York Yankees

Posted by Rich Stowe on June 3, 2011

OAKLAND, CA - MAY 31: Derek Jeter #2 and Curtis Granderson #14 of the New York Yankees congratulate one another after they scored on a single by Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees in the sixth inning against the the Oakland Athletics at Oakland-AEzra Shaw/Getty Images

I read this article by a former Yankees fan this morning and felt I just had to counter it.

He listed ten reasons why rooting for the Yankees isn’t fun. While a couple of his reasons were legit (the New Yankee Stadium catering to upper-class fans for instance) there were several I vehemently disagree with (winning and the Yankees tradition for instance – he complained about rooting for a constant winner and how the tradition doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just money).

What that article really showed me was that the current crop of Yankees fans (those who became fans during or after 1996) are truly spoiled.

So here are my five reasons why rooting for the Yankees is still fun and why I was born a Yankees fan and will always remain a Yankees fan till the day I die (unlike the author of the article I linked who has since stopped being a Yankees fan).

Why only five while the other writer listed ten? You only need five reasons to be a Yankees fan.

Click here to see the five reasons on Bleacher Report


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