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Diamond Thoughts – 5/4/2011

Posted by Rich Stowe on May 4, 2011

Welcome to today’s Diamond Thoughts.


Congratulations to Francisco Liriano of the Minnesota Twins. He pitched the first no-hitter of the 2011 season last night and the Twins beat the White Sox, 1-0. It wasn’t pretty because Liriano walked six, but to win a no-hitter 1-0 is very impressive. In my opinion, there is a big difference pitching in any game that is 1-0 compared to say 5-0, even more so when they’re no-hitters. One wrong pitch and not only do you lose the no-hitter but you could lose the game. The only bad thing about this no-hitter? It means a certain type of baseball fan (I’m talking mainly to a certain section of the Yankees fans), will think this means that Liriano is a great pitcher and the team should trade their best prospects to get him (Jesus Montero straight up for Liriano for example). What I say to these fans is slow down! Yes, pitching a no-hitter is a tremendous accomplishment, but if you take a look at Liriano’s stats for the season, you’ll see he entered the game with an ERA over 9.00 (2nd highest ERA in history of a pitcher to throw a no-hitter) and a WHIP just under 2.000. Any pitcher can do very well for nine innings (though the six walks and only two strikeouts means he relied heavily on his defense) but his season stats are more telling than just one game. He allows way too many baserunners and way too many earned runs.

Andre Ethier continued his hit streak last night and is now up to 29 games. He’s only gone hitless in one game for the Dodgers this season (April 1st). A hit in his next game and he’ll become only the 44th person since 1900 to hit in 30 straight and only the 41st to do it since DiMaggio’s 56 game hit streak.

Another baseball player was arrested for DUI yesterday. Shin-Soo Choo of the Cleveland Indians joins Derek Lowe of the Braves and four other major leaguers this season in the DUI club. When are athletes going to learn to either call a cab or use a designated driver? It’s not that difficult to not drink and drive! Choo is lucky no one was hurt. With the death of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in 2009 by a drunk driver, you’d think all baseball players would just stop drinking and driving. Teams need to start cracking down hard and suspending these players for significant periods of time. Not only does it hurt the team, it potentially could cause the death of an innocent person.

Derek Jeter had one hit last night and now his average is .250, his OBP is .310 and his Slugging Percentage is .269. Is Derek done? Read more on my thoughts regarding this topic by CLICKING HERE.


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