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Derek Lowe Gets a DUI: Major League Stupidity

Posted by Strobl on April 29, 2011

Another public gaffe for an Atlanta Brave

This spring, Tigers first baseman Miggy Cabrera earned a DUI and got belligerent with officers at the scene.  A few weeks ago, Cincinnati’s Mike Leake shoplifted $60 worth of T-shirts from a local Macy’s.  Now Atlanta’s Derek Lowe is the one making headlines.

The 37 year old sinkerball pitcher was pulled over around 10pm Thursday night in Atlanta.  According to, “after Lowe was stopped, the trooper ‘detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage’ and gave him a field sobriety test. Lowe then refused to take a state-administered alcohol test and was also charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.”  

Lowe was released this morning on a bail amount just under $3,000.

When “regular” people get DUIs, it’s bad enough.  When these athletes get caught, it’s even more reprehensible.  Lowe couldn’t afford a taxi or a private driver?  He couldn’t find anyone to drive him home?  He’s Derek Lowe!  I know these guys bristle at being called role models and I’m not going to argue that they need to be paragons of virtue 24/7, but come on.  This is a pointless and idiotic offense.

It would be nice to see Major League Baseball actually do something about these slip-ups.  Perhaps a short suspension?  One start for pitchers, two games for position players?  A fine?  Both?

Meanwhile, after the Roger McDowell thing, the Braves’ P.R. staff must be shaking their heads…

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One Response to “Derek Lowe Gets a DUI: Major League Stupidity”

  1. Dan Vachalek said

    Most people, if they are hammered enough, don’t think about taxis or anything like that. They just get behind the wheel, say “I’m fine to drive.” and then drive away, which is something that is terrible. I think that players who get a DUI should have a $50,000 fine in the MLB — if you’re on the 40-man roster — and you should be suspended 2 weeks. I think that’s fair because in the real world, with a normal job, many people would lose their jobs over one DUI.

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