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Atlanta Braves: Roger McDowell Proves Bigotry Alive and Well

Posted by Strobl on April 28, 2011

Atlanta's McDowell is sure to face reprisals for his outburst (Ehrmann/ Getty)

In case you missed it, Atlanta Braves’ pitching coach Roger McDowell insulted and threatened San Francisco Giants fans at a game back on April 23rd.  I would say “allegedly”, but McDowell has since apologized, which puts to bed the notion that he might have been falsely accused.  And frankly (as my buddy John put it) you can’t make this stuff up.

Some reported highlights of McDowell’s hate-filled shenanigans:

“Are you guys a homo couple or a threesome?” 

“Are you three giving it to each other up the ass?”

“How much are your teeth worth?”

and my personal favorite, “Kids don’t f—ing belong at a baseball park.” 

Classy.  During the exchange, McDowell brandished a bat and used it to threaten spectators.  He also used it to simulate a sex act, manifesting his words in a spectacularly distasteful display of stupidity.

33 year old Justin Quinn spoke up to McDowell, asking him to watch his language given the presence of children. “My kids are in panic mode … they’re like grabbing onto me.  I’m talking to him, trying to calm him down and the kids are screaming.”

Quinn ultimately filed a complaint with Giants’ stadium personnel and with the San Francisco police, missing much of the game in the process.  His response ensured that McDowell’s rant will get plenty of attention.

Among the parties already involved are famed attorney Gloria Allred, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and of course Bud Selig.

To say that McDowell should be fired is sort of obvious.  Similar behavior in any other workplace would almost certainly result in termination, and possibly in a sexual harassment lawsuit to boot.  And as a side-effect of his abusive language and apparent desire to inflict bodily harm, McDowell happened to scare of bunch of kids.

All of this was much more than a man simply reacting to heckling.  McDowell’s response was so far out of measure that there’s really no defense for it.  As an attempt at atonement, his apology is an abject failure

The Braves shouldn’t wait for MLB to rule on the matter.  McDowell should be canned now.  There’s no place for this nonsense in baseball.


Gloria Allred speaks for the Quinn family (and demos some of McDowell’s finer moments) in this TMZ video.

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5 Responses to “Atlanta Braves: Roger McDowell Proves Bigotry Alive and Well”

  1. David said

    Anyone who has ever seen the classic Seinfeld episode “The Boyfriend” knows that Roger McDowell doesn’t react well to heckling. In that case, Kramer took the apitball to the noggin causing it to go “back, and to the left” as a result of he and Newman heckling McDowell’s teammate Keith Hernandez. Given that reaction, it’s not too shocking that McDowell would react even more forcefully when it was he that was being heckled, not just a teammate. In all seriousness, that 1986 Mets team, which is the team that got me interested in baseball, is full of a ridiculous number of people who can fairly be described as scumbags based on their actions. A list off the top of my head would include, McDowell (homophobic, enraged jerk, see above), Keith Hernandez (cokehead), Wally Backman (DUI and legendary tirade against umpires as a minor league manager that must be checked out on youtube to be believed), Darryl Strawberry (need I say more), Dwight Gooden (ditto), Lenny Dykstra (accused felon for stock trading shenanigans, recently bailed out of prison by Charlie Sheen), and Kevin Mitchell (considered so bad that the Mets traded him because he was considered a “bad influence” on Gooden/Strawberry). I suppose you could make an argument that Ray Knight was just an overall jerk too for that matter. Either way, at least we have Mookie Wilson. MOOOOOOOK!!!

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  4. apple ipad future…

    Interesting, I wonder what the statistics are on your first point there…

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